May 21, 2017

Hey, everybody!

A quick note on the near future of Archie Digest: A 'Riverdale' Podcast

Since we're a podcast that covers a TV show, it's probably reasonable to assume that we will not be continuing year-'round. 

However, all of the people who host this show are unreasonable. 

We'll be around, talking about the Riverdale comic book series, other projects that the cast are involved with, breaking news about Riverdale season 2, and more.

We may not be weekly over the summer -- especially in the weeks around Comic Con International: San Diego when Russ, Craig, and Chris are buried in work -- but the plan is to be on at least every two weeks...and we will likely be releasing on Thursday nights at 10 p.m. ET, like usual, rather than just pushing it out whenever we complete an episode.

Russ will also be taking some time out to finally clean up some of the audio quality and technical issues in some of the early episodes. By the time the show returns in the fall, Archie Digest: A Riverdale Podcast will be as clean and clear as it can be, without fully re-recording the conversations.

Any questions, feel free to hit us up at, or tweet them at @RiverdaleTV!